Good Boy Grooming– A Mobile Service

Good Boy Grooming is entirely mobile. That means that we come to you! We understand the difficulties in trying to pack a beast dog into the back of a vehicle. Even the little ones can be hard to handle sometimes. This is why we exist. Owner, Jeb Campbell, wants to give both you and your pet the best service one can get. You won’t need to worry about having to travel, controlling your animal around other excited animals, or stressing about finding the time in your day to make the trip. A simple call or email is all you need with us and within the day, we’ll be parked and ready to go, right outside your home. We run primarily out of Spencerport, New York but being wheel based allows us to travel to many different cities and even neighboring states sometimes. The best thing about Good Boy is our experience and love for dogs. All of our groomers are certified with at least three years in the industry. They’ve seen it all and dealt with almost every breed. We are patient and understanding with every dog that comes our way. We never handle every dog the same but cater to their needs.


When scheduling with Good Boy Grooming, you can expect a variety of services:

  • Expertise and precision
  • Tailored prices- This will depend on where you live and the animal you’re wanting groomed
  • Styling, nail trimming and bath- This is included in the service
  • Same day appointments
  • Don’t even have to leave the comfort of your home
  • Coat coloring
  • Nail painting
  • Outdoor grooming for nervous animals

If you’re looking for that special company that can handle your dog with love and respect, you’ve found it and right now we’re offering a deal too good to refuse. For new clients, there is a 25% discount on the first full grooming service. This means you save money and you dog reaps the benefits of a trim and style, nail clip and bath! We give our customers awesome punch cards as well and once it’s filled, you get one free trim. To learn more about our wonderful business and schedule your appointment today head to Jeb’s About Me page. On this website, you’ll also be linked to helpful articles about pet care and health, resources on where to go in your area for grooming and a ton more information. It’s best to stick around and check it out! Thanks for visiting.